Equipped with a high production automated overhead, closed-loop sand system that supplies two Hunter 20 automatic molding machines and two manual stations. Our Permanent Mold capabilities add another dimension to the total value we offer to our customers. Metal Castings can provide in-house heat treat, full inspection lab, secondary tumbling or surface treatments complete with anodize or paint finishes. Full service machining capabilities of Machinery Components Company, our sister division, completes the value-added services that have saved many of our customers time and money.

Safety Policy & Safety Gear

At Lucky Steel we have a strict policy in safety which keeps all our staff fully secure when entering workshop premises as well as safety when working on site. It is compulsory at lucky steel that every employee is in full safety gear at all times on working hours. Read More

Equipments & Tools

We are not only qualified it what we do but we are also equipped with tools that will ensure that your work will be done in a nice, beautiful and professional way to satisfy each customer's need. Here are some of our equipments. Click here