About Us

Lucky Steel Fabricators Company that specializes in the Design, Fabrication and Erection of all types structural steel works.
The company was established in 1990 as a small fabrication workshop and has, ever since, expanded progressively, with a successful and highly organized workshop.
We have been in business since 2000 & have a 22,000+ sq ft manufacturing facility we have fabricated metal for numerous different clients & have many long term customers because they know & trust the quality of our services.
One of the key structural types that lucky steel specializes in are go-downs with spans from 12m to 60m. The clients’ specific requirements for use determine the buildings form & whatever the solution our most important goal is to provide a completed projected with speed, economy and structural efficiency.




At lucky Steel we have established a clientele network reaching Nairobi, Tororo, Diani as well as Mombasa. We believe that to provide satisfaction and to fulfill our clients demands our workmanship & management must be superior.

We at Lucky Steel believe that we should have great bonds with all our suppliers as end of the day to execute and deliver several projects at a time we must have assurance on receiving materials as scheduled.

Safety Policy & Safety Gear

At Lucky Steel we have a strict policy in safety which keeps all our staff fully secure when entering workshop premises as well as safety when working on site. It is compulsory at lucky steel that every employee is in full safety gear at all times on working hours. Read More

Equipments & Tools

We are not only qualified it what we do but we are also equipped with tools that will ensure that your work will be done in a nice, beautiful and professional way to satisfy each customer's need. Here are some of our equipments. Click here